If you’re looking around for a Virtual Assistant (VA), you’ll understandably want to shop around. Pricing and rates can vary enormously, and it’s fair to say that you’ll naturally want to get the right Virtual Assistant for you, at a cost that suits. But how do you know whether you’re paying a good rate for a Virtual Assistant? 

When it comes to finding a good Virtual Assistant, pricing is only one part of the equation – here’s why.

Rates will vary depending on a number of factors

The internet has opened up the global market for us all. And it’s no different when you’re looking for a good Virtual Assistant. Pricing rates can vary enormously because they take into account the skills and experience of the VA, as well as their location. An hourly rate in Luxembourg, the UK or the US will be different from a Virtual Assistant based in the Philippines or China. 

The price you pay will help determine the value you get

No matter what price you’re looking to pay, you need to remember that it will impact on the value you get in return. You get what you pay for, and if you’re opting for as cheap as possible, don’t be surprised when the value doesn’t match.

The Society of Virtual Assistants (SVA) supports UK Virtual Assistants and sum up the pricing of VA services nicely in this article:

There will always be people who can do it cheaper.  Either because they cut corners, or simply because their living costs are cheaper or maybe their business model is just slicker. The fact is, if their business model isn’t sustainable, they won’t be in business for very long! 

You may decide that you get a good rate for a Virtual Assistant when you hire in a different time zone to you. But if you do, you may then struggle as you have to wait longer for replies. There’s also the language barrier to consider. If you’re hiring a VA to provide a lot of written content, you may end up paying more to get things rewritten.

Focus on finding a VA that suits your needs

Your primary thought, when selecting a VA needs to be around how well they will fit with you and your business. Do you connect well, do you share the same values? Then consider their skills and expertise. Can they do the job you need them to do? If you want to find the right VA for you, you need to be clear on what tasks you will be handing over to them to complete.

If it’s specialised projects and skills (such as web design or copywriting, for example) you are going to need to pay more for their time. You may find you just want a generalist. 

Finding a good rate for a Virtual Assistant shouldn’t be the overriding deciding factor

Ultimately, you need to make your decision based on how much they can help you free up your time and help your business grow. If a Virtual Assistant can get the job completed faster than you can, it’s a good investment. When a Virtual Assistant can help you improve your workflow and automate your business, the investment will keep rewarding you in the long run.

If you’re looking for a Virtual Assistant, you’ll naturally want to shop around. But make sure you’re not basing your entire search on finding that good rate for a Virtual Assistant. It’s far better to start by looking for the right person, that you connect well with, then consider the skills and value they can bring to your business, as well as the time they can save you. Because your time is money, in your business – and I’m sure your time is worth a lot more than the hourly rate of a VA.

If you’re looking for the right questions to ask when searching for a VA, here’s a list of questions to ask a potential Virtual Assistant before hiring. And if you’d like to know more about working with a Virtual Assistant or want to book a free of charge discovery call to discuss your needs, do get in touch. We can have a chat and discuss available options for providing you with the flexible support you need.

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