A Virtual Assistant can provide essential support to your business, free up your time and help your business grow. They’re there to help you be the best you can be, so you can put your attention and focus where it needs to be, to achieve your goals. But one, often overlooked area, where a Virtual Assistant can help you, is when you’re not there – holiday time. A Virtual Assistant can help keep your business ticking over whilst you’re away, so you can take a much-needed break away to recharge your batteries.

As a business owner, you know the importance of finding a good balance between work and family life. Both need your attention and focus if they’re going to thrive. But in order to be in a position to do that, you also need to look after yourself – and taking care of yourself involves taking time away from your business too.

You need to have a holiday

Whether it’s a break away with the children during school holidays or a cosy break away with your partner,  a holiday could be just what you need. It isn’t just about recharging your batteries, it’s also about giving your family some much needed time with you. It’s only when you can truly step away from the business for a while that you’ll be able to totally switch off. 

A Virtual Assistant can help you plan your family holiday, so it’s something that you will all enjoy. Even if you’re not going far away from your home base, it’s a great way to ensure your holiday is well researched, right on your budget and suitable for your needs!

Your Virtual Assistant can help keep things ticking over

Even if you let your clients know you’re going to be away, your business will still be running whilst you’re on holiday. There will still be emails landing in your inbox and phone calls coming in. If you have a small team working for you, there may still be projects going on or outstanding tasks that need completing.

A Virtual Assistant can help keep things ticking over. They can help provide support to your team whilst you’re away. They can ensure those phone calls get answered and emails replied to. If there’s something really urgent that arises, your Virtual Assistant can ensure you are the first to know. And if it’s something they can deal with on your behalf, they can do.

Lifestyle management whilst you’re away

If you’re a Lux-based business, your Virtual Assistant can handle your lifestyle management tasks too. Need someone to pick up your mail or water your plants? Your Virtual Assistant can do those things for you. If you have something that needs repairing or replacing in your home, the only time your contractor can come out is when you’re due to be away. Rather than postpone it, why not have your Virtual Assistant manage it for you and can come home to one less thing to worry about.

In summary

Whilst you’re taking a much-needed break away, there’s a high chance your business is still running. As a business owner, this can often lead to extra stress and worry. When you’re supposed to be relaxing and enjoying yourself you’re invariably spending your time never truly switching off as you wonder what’s going on in your absence. 

A Virtual Assistant can help you take the time out you need, without it negatively impacting on your business. You’ll still be messaged if something is truly important, but unlike your previous holidays, you’re not going to come back to a mountain of work and the realisation that you need another holiday at the end of it all!

If you’re ready to have Virtual Assistant help on a flexible basis, why not get in touch? Paperweight PA can provide you with business and lifestyle support, whether it’s for the holiday period or a longer-term solution to your needs.