Are you ready for 2021? Many of the businessowners I know have spent the time during Christmas and New Year getting ready for the year ahead. And I must admit, it’s been no different here at Paperweight PA headquarters. It’s been a quiet time, but it’s also been very productive, and I have to say I’m even feeling a little smug! 

As well as spending some time planning for 2021, I’ve used the quieter than usual holiday period to spend a few days decluttering, organising and generally getting ready for the year ahead. It’s amazing how clearing the clutter really frees the mind too!  

Clearing the clutter ready for 2021

So how about you? Have you been clearing the decks and getting yourself ready for 2021? Clutter can play a huge role in our motivation and general positivity, so if you want to get your year off to a good start, it pays to spend a little time clearing the decks.

If you need a few ideas to help you get started, here are a few examples of what ‘clearing the decks’ tasks I’ve been doing:

  • Setting clear goals for 2021.
  • Breaking down my 90-day plan of tasks that need to be completed to reach the goals I’ve set. 
  • Social media and blog planning for quarter one.
  • Ensuring filing is up-to-date (both paper and online) and shredding where necessary, too!  
  • Organising my invoices and expense receipts ready to go to my accountant.
  • Updating and writing new procedures.
  • Updating my list of contacts.
  • Tidying up my passwords and renewing them where necessary. 

It’s all helped me to feel ready for 2021 and all that it is going to bring! 

Don’t forget to get your inbox ready for the year ahead too!

When was the last time you saw this image in your inbox?

Your email inbox is often one area that gets neglected, but it plays a massive role in how organised, productive and motivated you are. During my ‘clearing the decks’ tasks I’ve been paying close attention to my inbox, clearing it out and tidying it up, so it serves my needs more.

Because yes, your inbox needs to serve you – not rule how you work! 

So if you’re looking to get ready for 2021, look to carry out the following tasks in your email inbox:

  • Clearing out your inboxes 
  • Set up folders and tags that work for your needs
  • File important emails in folders
  • Unsubscribe from those newsletters and email subscriptions you never really look at
  • Set up rules to file more efficiently. 

Why not look to set an intention to keep your inbox empty throughout 2021? If you have the right systems and processes set up, it makes it so much easier to achieve. You just then have to train yourself to limit how often throughout the day you check your emails and action them in some way, when you do check them!

Do you need a little help getting ready for 2021?

If you would like some help getting organised for the year ahead in any way, or would like some help or inspiration to get started, then feel free to contact me. If you are in Luxembourg, I can even come to your office and help you clear the decks – making it really easy for you to go into 2021 organised and ready for what the year ahead may bring your way.