As a business owner, I’m sure you’ll appreciate it isn’t always easy to factor in selling tasks into your already busy week. You know you need to be constantly selling if you want your business to grow, but if you’re short on time or are already overwhelmed with the other tasks in your schedule, you can’t always shoehorn any other tasks into your calendar.

But that’s where you’re making a big mistake. It doesn’t always have to come down to you! Other people can do so many different selling tasks for you, especially if you have a VA at your disposal.

So take a look at the 10 tasks below. They’re all selling tasks you can delegate to your VA to ensure you’re ramping up your selling activities without adding more to your own plate! 

#1: Create a CTA social media post

Social media can be a little daunting, especially if you’re not technical-minded. But if you want to drop the overwhelm around social media, handing tasks like this out to your VA can really help. Your VA can easily create a range of social media posts for you – including ones that have a proactive call to action attached.

#2: Add a CTA to your email signature

Another simple selling task your VA can do for you is to change your email signature. By adding in a simple CTA, you could be driving traffic to your offers without any additional work.

#3: Reach out for client testimonials

Your Virtual Assistant can create a simple email template for you, asking for a client testimonial. It’s then super simple for your VA to reach out to existing and past clients on your behalf.

#4: Follow up with old clients

Whilst reaching out to your clients, why not get your VA to check in with your previous clients? They can remind them of the services you provide and ask if there’s anything new you can help them with.

#5: Create a blog post with a CTA

There are so many different things you can blog about. It’s all about giving value, showcasing your business and offering solutions to your clients. So why not get your VA to write out a couple of blog posts for you? They can quickly come up with some ideas, carry out the primary research and even type up the first draft for you. You can then give it a once over before suggesting edits or asking them to schedule it onto your site for you.

#6: Create pins for your offers

You don’t need to understand Pinterest to use it in your business. It’s all about ensuring you’re staying in your own lane and playing to your strengths – not getting involved in things you have no interest (or need) in learning! A VA can easily create pins for your offers and even manage your Pinterest account for you.

#7: Create a ‘3 ways to work with me’ email

A regularly sent ‘3 ways to work with me’ email is such a simple and effective email to send out. Not only does it help you stay in touch with your email list, but it also reminds them of the solutions you can provide without being pushy!

#8: Create a new lead magnet

Why not get your VA to research some potential new lead magnet ideas for you? You can then get them to write the one that is most suitable for your audience right now. They can even upload it to your website and create an opt-in page for you if you like!

#9: Update your social media banners with your latest freebie

When it comes to simple selling tasks you can delegate to your VA, your social media banners are a must! It won’t take them long to create an updated banner in Canva, which can then be uploaded to your social media accounts. A simple yet effective way to promote your new freebie online.

#10: Research and/or connect with your ideal client on social media.

Your ideal clients are online. If you’re on the right social media platforms, they’re also on there too – so why not get your VA to find them for you? A VA can find your ideal clients, connect with them and even interact with them on your behalf – saving you a lot of time whilst also building your audience significantly.

Whether you’re winding down towards the end of the year or trying to ramp up after the summer off, it isn’t always easy to factor selling time into your already busy schedule.

Delegating the above tasks to your VA will help ensure those essential selling tasks aren’t forgotten, but it will also help free up your time and to-do list and give you the space to regain your focus and get back on track.

And if you’re still looking for the right VA to delegate your tasks to, why not get in touch? Head here to book a discovery call to discuss your available options and get answers to any questions you may have around working with a Virtual Assistant.