Paperweight PA

Virtual Personal Assistant providing PA/Administrative support on a flexible basis to Small Businesses and Individuals too

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Paperweight PA – your dedicated Virtual Personal Assistant providing flexible PA/Administrative support to Coaches, Consultants and Small Business owners.  We also provide Lifestyle PA Suppport to Individuals.
Are you a Coach, Consultant or Small Business owner struggling to meet your goals and build your revenue, because too much of your time is being taken up working in your business rather than on your business?
Back up or holiday support
Are you a busy Personal Assistant or Office Manager looking for reliable and efficient cover for during your holidays or perhaps you need an extra resource to assist with a large project or organising a company event?
PA Services
We can provide assistance on the home front too for Busy Professionals trying to juggle work and home life. Perhaps you need some help with your personal administration, managing all the household tasks, or with organising a family event?

Why Hire a Virtual Personal Assistant?

There are a lot of advantages to using a Virtual PA

You may still be unsure about whether or not to hire a Virtual Personal Assistant.  However, bear in mind that we are also small business owners and have a vested interest in seeing your business grow, or making a success of your project. Here are just some of the other advantages of using a Virtual Assistant:
  • You are only charged for the actual hours we work and there is no minimum commitment.
  • We are experienced and have many years of skills and knowledge to draw on.
  • We are multi lingual and have a full address book of local contacts to call on.
  • No agency or temp fees
  • No recruitment fees, or tax or social security costs to pay
  • You don’t need to pay holiday pay, sick pay, you are not paying for our time if we stop for lunch, take a coffee break or make a personal phone call.
  • We work remotely, so no need to find us a desk and we wont get under your feet.
  • We are just a phone call or email away.

Confidentiality – Peace of Mind

Discretion and Confidentiality with years of experience

You can be assured of complete discretion and confidentiality when it relates to your business and personal data.

We require that all clients sign a Contract and our Terms and Conditions. We will also sign a Non Disclosure Agreement or your own Confidentiality Agreement if preferred.

We are fully insured and GDPR compliant.

Contact us today to arrange for a free 30mins consultation to find out more about how we can assist you.

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